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Fakir Brise Hair Dryer - Red

Hair Dryer Brise
69,00 ₾

Fakir Estelle White/Rose- Hair Curler

Hair Curler Estelle
39,00 ₾

Fakir Harvey Hair Straightener Black

Hair Straightener Harvey
35,00 ₾

Fakir Ion Jet Hair Straightener

Hair straightening with ions Ion Jet
89,00 ₾

Fakir Lyric Poem Hair Curler White Rose

Hair curling Lyric Poem
69,00 ₾

Fakir Nora Bady Scale Silver

Scale Nora
49,00 ₾

Fakir Stubby Beard Trimmer-Black Chrome

Beard Trimmer Stubby
39,00 ₾

Fakir Technofit Body Analysis Scale

Scale Tecnofit
49,00 ₾

Fakir Twine Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer Twine
116,00 ₾

Fakir Ultracare Pro All in One Hair Trimmer

Hair Trimmer Ultracare Pro
89,00 ₾