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Stop Ever

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Menstrual pain patch. The effect of the heat penetrates deep into the skin and relieves pain; Has an antispasmodic effect. Do not use for more than 8 hours in 24 hours. The package contains 2 pieces of 11x7.5 cm.
10,12 ₾ 13,50 ₾
Nose patch. Apply the patch on the nose, before going to bed; It reduces snoring; Improves nasal breathing; Provides oxygen to the brain, which promotes healthy sleep. The pack contains 10 pieces of patch.
7,42 ₾ 9,90 ₾
Pain releif patch with warming effect Apply the patch to the painful area of the body; Reduces pain in the joints, spine, neck; Has an 8-hour effect; Has no odor. There are 2 pieces in the pack
9,38 ₾ 12,50 ₾
StopEver Nose Pore strips help cleanse the nasal area from blackheads , oil, dirt and makeup residue. Tea Tree Oil provides care and refreshment to the skin. Moisten the area around the nose with water and apply a mask; The mask deeply cleanses the pores from blackheads; Removes dirt from pores. There are 6 patches in the pack.
8,92 ₾ 11,90 ₾